Short/Flash/Micro Fiction

09 September 2011
Flash Fiction: Revenge
Terribleminds Penmonkey Flash Fiction Challenge

She had come in the night, stealing through the shadows with no regard for life or propriety, and taken the baby. He had no time for tears, no interest in the trial, no patience with the journalists. The only way to get some peace was to take matters into his own two hands. An eye for an eye, so it went in the Scripture, and she had stopped the heart of his littlest one. He supposed that he should feel something, but he was just too busy. A man on a holy mission, he would stop the heart of Death.

05 September 2011
Microfiction: Eyes
#storiebrevi @Einaudieditore
Cover by Claudia Molinari @sweetnevermind 

Gli occhi di lei lo fissano. Freschi, dilaganti. Ancor innamorato come il primo giorno, lui accarezza il vasetto di formaldeide.

Her eyes stare at him. Fresh, pool-like. Still enamoured like the first day, he strokes the jar of formaldehyde.